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Bridgestone to Create 100-Per Cent Eco Tire

Posted on March 28, 2012 
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By 2050 Bridgestone plans to work out a totally eco-friendly tire made from natural materials, says Shoshi Arakawa, Head of the Company, on the World Rubber Summit that took place on May 22-24 in Singapore.

Bridgestone to Create 100-Per Cent Eco TireNow Bridgestone is doing a research into the methods of natural rubber deriving from guayule and daffodils as well as studies the process of making synthetic rubber from biomass, carbon and other substances. They also try to make use of the new cellulose fibers to replace polyester and nylon, both being created from oil. Kånken Rucksäcke

The plan fits in Bridgestone strategy of environmental protection that includes the reduction of CO2 emissions. adidas ace It would be possible provided that you optimize your vehicle’s fuel consumption, which can be achieved by using a low rolling resistant tire. ugg chaussons Moreover, eco-friendly technologies affect the choice of materials for the tire as well as its production process.

Bridgestone claims to create butadiene from bio ethanol that to use it for synthetic rubber as well as to work out carbon on the base of intermediate substances from raw biomass, but the details are kept in secret for now. air jordan 11 The company promises to inform the community about the steps of the project implementation.

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