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    The American BFGoodrich Company has been producing the car casing since 1910. The name of the company - BFGoodrich is a full name of the American industry pioneer – Doctor Benjamin Franklin Goodrich who created the first tires in the USA. It is the company that manufactured the tires for the first USA car - "Winton". This fact brought the brand the title of the tire industry leader.

    Today practically everybody knows what is implied under the term the “belted tire”. The belted construction includes the little layered casing made of rubber-bounded textile fibers and a wire-cord belt. But few people know that for the first time a tire with the belted casing was produced in America in 1965 by BFGoodrich Company. In 1976 BFGoodrich started manufacturing the first world radial tire - RADIAL ALL-TERRAIN HIGH PERFORMANCE. In general, the significance of the company tires can be proved by its use in NASA space shuttle.

    In 1986 BFGoodrich became the unit of the Uniroyal Company, and in 1990 it was the Michelin subdivision. Today BFGoodrich is active people oriented. The brand has always had such characteristics as modernity, rivalry feature, efficiency, and quality and customer orientation. The BFGoodrich assortment embraces all the market segments: high-speed road tires, motor transport tires, extreme tourism and tuning tires.

    BFGoodrich has always used unique technologies to become the discoverers at the market. The TRIGARD construction is the most valuable one. The Trigard tires are made of threefold polyester casing and have 2 wire-cord belt layers. The newest company development are color Scorcher T/A tires. According to the producer data the Scorcher tire is made for the tuning market and has asymmetric tread pattern. It has silicone compounding with the dye addition. Besides the color feature Scorcher tire is notable for perfect cohesion on wet and dry surfaces.  

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Bfgoodrich G-force T/a Kdw 2 Tire

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  • Bfgoodrich G-force T/a Kdw 2 Tire
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    Bfgoodrich G-force T/a Kdw 2 Tire
    BfGoodrich G-Force T/A KDW 2 is a radial summer tire for passenger sedans and coupes, sports cars and some light trucks. It comes as a second-generation tire of a well-known G-Force T/A Kdw model and shows ultra-high performance in both wet and dry road conditions as well as excellent wear resistance and a long life span. The tread is molded into directional pattern. It is comprised of large blocks that ensure excellent road-wheel contact and predictable handling in the dry while rounded shoulders add to excellent driver feedback when driving at high speeds. There’re also wide circumferential grooves that in conjunction with numerous lateral drainage grooves provide for quick and efficient water removal from under the contact patch area to prevent from hydroplaning in wet and rainy weather. On the inside the G-Force T/A KDW 2 is made under the company’s ETEC (Equal TEnsion Containment) System concept that presupposes the tire’s durable construction with the use of twin steel belts reinforced by spiral nylon strips to ensure even load distribution over the large footprint. It helps reduce tire weight as well as results into a smooth running. The tire also features special g-Control inserts in its sidewalls to protect the tire from cuts and a rim protector to guard wheel disks against accidental damage in case of curb hitting. The G-Force T/A KDW 2 comes with speed ratings of up to H (130 mph).

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