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    Continental Company was founded in 1871. One of the most significant years in the company history was the year 1882 when the Continental emblem was created. It was the image of a reared-up horse that was initially a part of Saxony emblem. That image was taken because the capital of Saxony was Hanover, the city where the company was created.

    So, the Continental Company produces tires for motor cars and trucks, buses, off-road vehicles, motorcycles and even for bicycles. Every forth European car has Continental tires. Rubber developments by Continental are used not only in tire business but in other science branches. According to the 2003-year data Continental takes the forth place in the rating of the hugest tire companies. Not only the customers give preferences to these tires.

    Continental tires are the leaders of the majority of summer tires tests in 2006.
    Continental EcoContact 3 took the first places in various summer tires tests due to its good camber quality, perfect balance, directional stability and comfort. The analogical tests were conducted among 15-inch tires where the leader was Continental PremiumContact 2. They showed the best directional stability quality on the dry surface and perfect harmonic marking.

    Today Continental AG Company contains such tire brands as General Tire, Uniroyal, Barum, Semperit, Mabor, Viking

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  • Although Europe is to increase wheel disk diameters according to the new legislation, Continental is sure that demand for compact car tire won’t fall down, but would show standing growth. It becomes possible thanks to the growing popularity of compact small-capacity vehicles in the area. asics gel
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  • On the threshold of the next international tire show in Germany, the Reifen, Continental decides to display the new ContiPremiumContact5 tire on it as well as attract customer attention to their revised COKIS plus consulting system. The central place of the Continental stand will be occupied by the

Continental Contitouringcontact Ch95 Tire

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  • Continental Contitouringcontact Ch95 Tire
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    Continental Contitouringcontact Ch95 Tire
    Continental ContiTouringContact CH95 tire is an all-season tire for passenger cars. The tire belongs to Grand Touring segment and perfectly suits for high performance sedans and coupes. ContiTouringContact CH95 guarantees exceptional all-year traction. The tire uses rubber compound on the base of silica that provides outstanding winter traction and lower rolling resistance level thus reducing fuel consumption. Symmetric tread pattern is optimized by computer to ensure long service life and high noiselessness level. Multiple sipes provide biting edges necessary for superb traction on wet and snow-covered surface. Internal structure of ContiTouringContact CH95 includes dual steel belts enhanced nylon band what guarantees ultimate stability at high speeds.

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