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Dick Cepek Crusher Tire

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  • Dick Cepek Crusher Tire
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    Dick Cepek Crusher Tire
    Dick Cepek Crusher is an aggressive light truck tire for extreme driving in off-the-road and on-road conditions. The tire is designed for use with 4WD vehicles, trucks and sport utility vehicles and offers ultimate traction off the road coupled with reliable handling on asphalted highways. The tire tread shows 24/32 depth while its compound is molded into a non-directional tread picture featuring deep shoulder lugs and self-cleaning lugs all about to provide for great traction on soils, on muddy and rocky terrain and on loose and compact snow. The tire footprint is extra large, which optimizes grip without compromising on acoustic comfort. The manufacturer claims that the tire delivers smooth and comfortable operation. AT the same time, the tire’s equipped with functional sidebiters shaped like skulls and cross bones that further enhance grip while adding boldness and style to the tire’s look. On the inside, the Dick Cepek Crusher tire features a radial construction with a six-ply tread and a three-ply sidewall design, which makes the tire exceptionally durable off the road and long-lived.

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