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Dunlop Tires

    The entire world got to know about the Dunlop Tires in 1888. The oldest tire manufacturing company has a rich and interesting history. Primordially the Dunlop tires creators got swiftly under the way of science and technological progress. The research tire centre appeared especially for Dunlop tires development and improvement. The specialists of that centre have contributed a lot into the tire industry and so the first new ideas were realized by Dunlop.

    The model of a pneumatic changeable tire belongs to a Dunlop Company collaborator. The engineer of that firm took a patent for his invented rubber tube. Dunlop Company was the first to realize the idea of tire studs put on the tread for a better cohesion. They also created a load hook. Dunlop tires tread was divided into several rows that improved the endurance without dirigibility loss.

    The Dunlop Company has made quite a lot of innovations and inventions. Speaking about Dunlop Tires one can mention careful scientific study of the tire production. It was Dunlop tires that realized a great part of the novelties. Today Dunlop researchers make progress too. The popular idea of “smart tires” that report the driver about their condition will be embodied in Dunlop tires.

    It’s not a secret that Dunlop Tires are a part of the bundling of various brands cars. Dunlop Company collaborates with such auto enterprises as Opel, BMW, Renault, Peugeot, Toyota, Nissan, and Fiat. Nowadays Dunlop is one of the most popular tire companies in the world that has showed itself to a good advantage. Any machinery is equipped by Dunlop. The company has a great assortment but every tire is a realization of talent, intellect, persistence and responsibility of thousands of people that work day by day to make you feel save, comfortable and happily.

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Dunlop Sp Sport 2000e Tire

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  • Dunlop Sp Sport 2000e Tire
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    Dunlop Sp Sport 2000e Tire
    Dunlop SP SPORT 2000e is a summer tire for passenger cars. It is designed to fit a wide range of middle-class, comfort-class and luxurious sedans and coups as well as sports-like cars. The tire belongs to the company’s UHP (Ultra High Performance) tire segment and is remarkable by delivering excellent dry and wet traction alongside with smooth running and stylish looks. the tire tread picture is comprised of slant tread groove with lateral drainage grooves between them. There’re also wide circumferential grooves, which in conjunction with lateral ones ensures quick and efficient water removal from under the footprint area. As a result, your vehicle shows predictable performance on wet road surfaces with minimal hydroplaning. The SP SPORT 2000e tire often comes as Original Equipment with the cars produced by such world-known automotive companies as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, etc. It sells as a replacement tire as well and is available with H, V, Z and W speed ratings.

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