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Firestone Tires

    The Firestone Company was founded in 1900 and initially it was represented by a tiny firm which intended to manufacture rubber products that were not dedicated to auto or motor-business. But a 31-year old inventor and entrepreneur Jarvis C. Firestone who was at the head of that firm gambled on the bicycle, motorcycle and car casing that was very popular that time.

    In the year 1911 Firestone tires put on racing cars first promoted the win in the Indy 500 racing. Cars with Firestone tires provided at the very least 50 triumphal rounds.

    In 1920 a Japanese Shojiro Ishibashi transformed its small family business producing Japanese footwear tabi into a modern industrial enterprise. He transferred traditional Japanese wooden sandals to the rubber sole. So just a step was left from the rubber footwear soles production to the compounding bicycle tire manufacturing…

    Shojiro Ishibashi organized his own production in the USA called Bridgestone, Ltd. in 1931. Where did he take that name? He just translated his name (Ishibashi) from Japanese to English. Ishibashi meant stone bridge word for word. Moreover bridge stone was consonant with the previous firm name – Firestone.

    In 1988 Bridgestone bought up the rival Firestone, and turned Bridgestone into a global corporation. Now Bridgestone and Firestone exist in the USA under the Bridgestone/Firestone brand.

    Firestone tires today are considered to be one of the most popular tires with good treadwear, perfect directional stability, high quality compounding, reliable harmonic marking and high speed rating.

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Firestone Affinity Touring 02 Tire

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  • Firestone Affinity Touring 02 Tire
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    Firestone Affinity Touring 02 Tire
    Firestone Affinity Touring 02 is an all-season standard touring tire for sporty passenger vehicles, both sedans and coups. The tire offers reliable handling for an affordable pricing and features precise steering thanks to a continuous rib in the central tread area. High-quality performance is combined with even tread wear and long mileage. It looks stylish with its sporty appearance, which excellently goes together with your cars sporty design. The tire performs well on both dry and wet road surfaces and can be used even in light snow conditions. It is branded with an M+S marking on its sidewall to indicate its ability to operate in Mud and Snow conditions. The Affinity Touring 02 tire comes with T (118 mph) and S (112 mph) speed ratings and is often seen as original Equipment with the above mentioned vehicle types. The tire can as well be purchased as replacement tire for a worn out pair or set of original tires.

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