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    General Tires officially called as The General Tire and Rubber Company is located in America and produces tires for motor vehicles.

    The company was founded in 1915 in the state of Ohio. In 1943 the company purchased the Yankee Network and the radio stations of Boston's Shepard Stores, Inc.

    The company didn’t stop their branching out and bought Don Lee Broadcasting System, a regional radio network. Soon the company property included KHJ-AM-FM in Los Angeles, KFRC-AM-FM in San Francisco and WOR/WOR-FM/WOR-TV in New York City. The final step was the acquirement of RKO Radio Pictures from Howard Hughes in 1955 for $25 million. The purpose of that purchase was the use of the RKO film library in programming their television stations and soon General sold it to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's Desilu Productions  $6 million.

    In 1984 General Tire was hold by GenCorp Company. And finally General Tires was sold to the German tire brand Continental AG in 1987. The company exists now as the part of Continental's American operations.

    Today the tire company sales make up $40 billion US a year. Reading the tire company history one can think that it has nothing to do with tires. But being world famous outfitter of brake systems, powertrain and chassis systems and components, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics and certainly tires General Tires has contributed a lot into the tire advancement and has invented lots of tire improvements such as better directional stability innovation. The company is working on the ecological and safe car equipment manufacturing. Continental is a competent partner of General Tires. Now the corporation has 150,000 people that work in 36 countries.

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  • The General Tire Factory is placed in the state of Northern Carolina in the USA. It is the filial of thr Continental firm from Germany that contains so famous brands as "General Tire", "Uniroyal", "Barum", "Semperit", "Gislaved", "Mabor", "Viking", "Temic", "A.D.C.", "Contytech". General Tire Co

General Ameri-gs60 Tire

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  • General Ameri-gs60 Tire
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    General Ameri-gs60 Tire
    General Ameri-GS60 tire is an all-season tire for passenger cars. The tire belongs to Standard Touring segment and suits perfectly for those drivers of sedans and MPVs who enjoy confident all-year driving. Ameri-GS60 offers an excellent combination of long service life and outstanding traction on all kinds of surface. The tire features state-of-the-art rubber compound and tread pattern with independent shoulder blocks and circumferential grooves that provide effective withdrawal of water from the contact patch thus ensuring high hydroplaning resistance level what in its turn enables ultimate traction on wet surface. Continuous central rib guarantees perfect steering control and high noiselessness level.

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