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    Avon Tires history started in 1885 when its founders produced the first factory casing. At first the company manufactured wheel covers but in 1897 Avon Company learnt to produce the casing that could keep permanent pressure inside. The factory opened their first production shop in 4 year. So below is the most significant years in Avon tire Company history.

    - In 1906 the entire America knew about the company. At that time the first advertisement campaign was held.

    - The stimulus to business development was World War II, when lots of military equipment used Avon tires. It also promoted the production development as the soldiers needed high quality casing. After the war period is considered to be the period of the Avon products heavy growth. In 1953 the company opened its first foreign factory in Kenya.

    - In 1956 the company has undergone a huge upgrade that took 5 years to be completed.

    - An advantageous decision to produce the motorcycle tires brought the company glory and fame. From 1958 to 1963 every world champion used Avon motorcycle tires.

    - In the year of 1961 the company output volume reached the number of 1,500,000 units. In August of 1966 a powerful fire brought off the production for 24 hours. The firemen selflessness saved the factory from the complete destruction.

    - In 1970 Avon Company was the first to produce radial tires that provided with reliability and longevity in comparison with the diagonal ones.

    - Since the year 1991 the diversification of business has begun. The company started to sell the licenses on its casing production.

    - In 1993 Avon tires were placed into the famous Rolls-Royce autos.

    - And finally in 1997 Avon Tyres was bought by Cooper and Rubber Company of Findlay. The new company name and emblem presentation brought up the beginning of the new era under the Cooper-Avon Tyres Limited directory.

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Avon Tires

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